'Corna (devil horns)' hand stud

By A Skulk of Foxes

$59.00 AUD

This is the 'Corna' pose. An old Italian hand symbol used to ward off the evil eye (malocchio), which inspired Ronnie James Dio and countless other rock/metal bands. Often misunderstood to be an evil sign it is actually a sign used to ward off evil spirits, demons and bad luck.

Available in a left or right-hand pose.  This range of unisex sterling silver studs are sold as single studs. Mix and match them as much as you like!

Measuring H10.9mm x W6.9mm x D4.2mm

Designed and made in Australia.

Our 'All hands on deck' collection is our homage to the universal language of hand gestures. Lovingly modeled and cast in sterling silver, each piece is then hand finished to a high polish gleam!

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