By a skulk of foxes

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A composite cover made from maple hardwood and black hard rubber, etched with our 'CAMO' design!  This product has no packaging.

The hardwood timber we use has natural characteristics unique to the tree from which it came. Variations in grain, texture and color (often ranging from light to dark) affect the final look of each piece we create and may not be identical to the one depicted in the image provided.

  • Please take the following information into consideration prior to making your purchase.

    This decorative cover should protect your iPhone, from scratches and scuff marks, however they are not indestructible.  If used incorrectly or carelessly, the cover itself may sustain scratches, cracks or break.

    This cover is not designed to be taken on and off your phone regularly. This cover should only be used in conjunction with genuine Apple iPhone accessories to avoid damage to the charging and headphone slots. 

    The timber is finished with a water resistant coating, but it is recommended that it not get wet as this may cause the timber to swell or warp. 

    All of our hardwood is sourced from certified sustainable hardwood ranges. Unlike veneered timbers applied to a substrate, there are no carcinogenic glues or other toxic chemicals used in its production.

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